Right on the nose

Right on the nose

I’ve had a lot of fun this past week talking about my Boyfriend Candidate’s gift giving extravaganza.  And I realized I didn’t share the best part in my past posts.  I opened the first gift and it was . . . a nose hair clipper.

I knew in that moment I could love this man deeply.  I knew it was a practical joke in the literal sense.  Practical, sensible, hysterical and the kind of thing you never want to buy for yourself so receiving one as a gift is kind of thoughtful and generous.  Almost like a sexual lubricant or Preparation H.  Do you really want to check out at Wal-mart and know that they know that you know you have an intimate issue?  No.

Also, and he doesn’t know htis, several years go I gave everyone in my family nose hair clippers for Christmas.  I mean every man, woman and child.  I actually read in GQ that it was one of those must haves for men that most men didn’t have.  At the time I felt women were getting the shaft; and why not women?  Like we don’t have nose hair too?  So I thoughtfully covered everyone’s unacknowledged needs that year.  As I opened my package I reflected on that and I felt a kindred spirit in my guy.  I actually kind of teared up. Among the other gifts were jewelry, a massage certificate, some knick knack thing for around the house.  Those gifts will all be forgotten.  But the nose hair clipper?  He really loves me.

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