Everybody has a story.  I’m just lacking enough in creativity that my story is the only good story I have to tell.

A few years ago, I was networking, trying to conjure up a regular job when one of my old friends told me he was looking for a writer; was I interested?  We had worked together in the past, and he enjoyed how I could turn a phrase.  This is how my web writing and blogging began.

For a short time, I had a featured blog.  That particular site had a demographic which included young women interested in birth control and pro-choice political material.  My point of view as a divorced, dating, peri-menopausal mother of three with a hippie roommate and cognitively impaired parents wasn’t a particularly good match.  But I walked away with a voice and a sense of the internet’s possibilities. (I can also hit a daily deadline and a 250 word limit dead center from 90m.)

I continue to write for a broad range of websites professionally.  I love to write.  And when I think about it, I’ve really been writing and editing my whole life.

Now I’m stuck on that phrase “editing my whole life”.  I’m going to go think about that for a while.

You go now, have some deep thoughts of your own,

Shelby Burns (but you can CallMeJane)

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